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I am NiamhAnne

I am passionate about learning, coaching, training, wellbeing, the body, heart, soul and spirit, nature and the sea. I have spent my life in pursuit of the knowledge of what makes me feel most alive, fulfilled, and connected. I have made many wrong turns along the way but all my life experiences have served me well for my evolution. My purpose is directly connected to my own journey of recovery from anxiety, trauma, perfectionism, people pleasing, heartbreak and hiding my true talents to living a joyful authentic life.

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My Background

I trained as a coach 6 years ago and I’ve recently completed my MSc In Personal and Management Coaching achieving 1st Class Honours. I’ve an Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching, a QQI Level 6 in Coaching Practice & Ethics. I’m a member of the British Psychological Society and approved Test User. I’m a Behavioural Analyst (DISC) Workplace Motivators Analyst & EQ Analyst. (TTI Success Insights). I’ve completed my Training in Havening Techniques (Healing through Neuroscience) and am currently studying my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

My background has been in Leadership Coaching with the emphasis on EQ and Wellness, bringing balance to stressed and burnt out Executives & CEOs. Additionally I work with Trainee Coaches on the MSc Programme with University College Cork and on campus in Griffith College Dublin. More recently as I have seen people’s’ needs change and a new coaching paradigm emerge, I’ve synthesised my approach to a 360 degree Mind, Body, Heart & Soul integrated whole human approach.

I’m always learning and studying, by times academic; neuroscience or body work (including intenSati & Yoga Teacher Training), or by time energy work (Reiki Seichem, Cartouche). My philosophy is if it’s evidenced based and I’ve seen the results, then I will integrate it into my practice. I’m very open minded, I tailor each session to suit my client’s needs and no two coaching sessions are the same.

I’m also a mum of two boys and two parrots. They keep me busy, and we are often hiking, swimming, walking, in nature, meeting friends, writing and watching movies together.

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The technique I guide you through is designed not only to get you back on track, but to re-energise you and empower you to live your best day. Whatsmore if you practice this technique regularly you will create new neural pathways in your brain thus making these positive states a habit rather than an effort!

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